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The swedish-Italian performer Anna Clementi, grew up in Rome where she studied flute, acting and singing. Then she moved to Berlin where she met Dieter Schnebel. From that moment on she became a member of the group "Die Maulwerker". That's when she started committing herself to the research of ways to combine song, word, gesture and theater. Her life has always been marked by changes, in her musical life she switches from Cage to Rzewski, from Weill and Hollaender to Schönberg passing through the cabaret of Mina and Buscaglione. Her musical repertoire moves between electro-acoustic music, contemporary song and cabaret chanson, improvised music, club music and jazz. She performed many world premieres and has performed many works of contemporary musical theater Recently she had the solo part in “Back into Nothingness” by Nuria Gimenez Comas and Laure Gauthier. Stepha Schweiger composed the opera “The Mark on the Wall” for Anna Clementi, it was premiered in Berlin in 2017. She was the narrator in Olga Neuwirth’s opera “Orlando” which was premiered at the Vienna State Opera in December 2020.

Since 2014 she is member of the vocal ensemble Voxnova Italia.

Photo by Fabio Martino
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