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Voxnova Italia is a recently established vocal ensemble that has quickly established itself as a major force in the international new music scene. By working with major composers and visual artists and thanks to the efforts of its founder and bass, Nicholas Isherwood, the ensemble has already performed in important festivals worldwide (Jacaranda in LA, the Roma Europa Festival, the Ruhr Triennale). For Isherwood, a vocal ensemble does not only mean singing together. It involves sharing a common musical and artistic experience and, most importantly, meaningful human interaction. The singers in Voxnova Italia have established careers as soloists, but also nurture a desire to come together in a spirit of collaboration and exchange. Voxnova Italia’s first big project was Karlheinz Stockhausen’s masterpiece STIMMUNG. This work personifies the notion of togetherness. The word “Stimmung” in German means “tuning,” “feeling” and “accord.” The pursuit of these objectives by the performers of this piece requires a complete fusion between the participants through sharing; an oscillation between various discords leading to perfect synchronism.
In a contemporary world where collective goals are often set aside in favor of individualism, Voxnova Italia has, since its inception, sought to promote the music of today via a compact group of people who lend their voices to create an instrument that can express manifold themes, including those with social, environmental and political significance.

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